Prevent Identity Theft - Are You Coping it Well

There is a question that is always on everyone's mind. Why identity theft is rising? Is that really so easy to get hold of another person personal data.

With everyone seems to be exposed to this new form of crime. Then, how can this type of crime formed? Wise guys will try to get hold of borrow credit card numbers, social security numbers, phone calling cards, debit cards and other key pieces of an individual's identities. And they will use it to their advantage. However, there are few preventive measures you can take in order to prevent identity theft.

What are the preventive measures?

#1 Tip

Avoid carrying valuable personal documents and cards with you whenever you go out, unless it's completely required.

#2 Tip

Select the Direct Selling Associations Mail Preference Service and the Phone Preference Service. By doing this, your name is added to the computerized name erasure lists used by marketers all over the state. This will prevent identity thieves from getting hold of your personal data.

#3 Tip

Pick up your new ordered checks from the bank personally and do not let them be sent to your home address. This may be a hassle, but will sure save you problems later on.

#4 Tip

To keep the mailing system secure, install a locked mailbox at your residence.

#5 Tip

Try not to entertain Lotto and 'lucky dip' calls, as they are typically hoax. This is to prevent scams from taking place.

Also, you can cross check that monetary establishments that are protecting your significant personal information. Insist on the removal of account numbers from ATM slips, also ask them to shred the paper reports before throwing them away.

What to do if you are an identity theft victim?

If you think you are an identity theft victim, it's important to report the crime to the police. Provides all the necessary documented proof. Whether or not the police refuse to give the report, try to demand for it.

Keep the police report for the bank and credit card company's reference.

Next, inform the banks, cancel all the savings and checking accounts and get new account numbers. Ask for a crime alert to be attached to the report and extend it later if you would like to.

Be on the safe side and avoid divulging any private information to anybody. The identity you've been given is yours to have, no other person has the legal right to take it from you.

I hope you have gain some insight on how well you are coping on preventing identity theft.

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