Identity Theft Scams - Common Identity Theft Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

The number of people who fall victim to identity theft scams is unbelievable. Criminals continue to come up with new ways to get personal information both online and over the phone. Once they have this information there is no limit to what they will do - access credit cards, take money from bank accounts, and even open up new accounts. Even with the different software programs out there to protect your information online from being compromised it continues to happen. New viruses are introduced every day that can take on these programs.

It is important that you protect your credit card information and you bank information when you participate in online transactions. Limit the sites where you make purchases to those that you have verified as being legitimate. Remember that anyone can make what appears to be a real website to obtain your information. Make sure the site is secured as well which means it is being protected and monitored. There are very few reasons why you should ever provide your social security number online. Be very careful with providing this information.

Most online purchases end up giving you a confirmation number either immediately after you complete the check out process or via e-mail. Save this information and make sure the charge on your credit card is correct. If the amount is different contact both your credit card company and the site where you placed the order through. Paying attention to such details can go along way in preventing your information from being part of an identity theft scam.

While they aren't as common, identity theft scams do take place over the phone as well. You never want to answer any questions about bank accounts, credit cards, or your personal information. A legitimate business will not be discussing this with you over the phone. Try to get some information though such as the name they gave you and the company they are saying the represent. If a phone number comes up on your caller ID write it down as well. This way you have some good information to report to the local authorities and to the Better Business Bureau.

Too many people fail to file a complaint because they are embarrassed that they fell for such identity theft scams. However the more complaints are filed the more likely it is that law enforcement can catch those responsible before they scam other innocent people. Anyone can become the victim of identity theft but it seems those without education on the subject are easier prey.

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